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Publish Date: 8/19/2015
Description: Ramblings on Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle - You're probably doing it wrong.

The premise of this post is that real world Agile inspired SDLC in the form of Scrum or Kanban miss some important engineering practices and this actually looks like a process breakthrough until tech debt, failures, complexity, and slow release cycles challenge the very core of an organization.

First, a story from the project management side.

This summer I gained some painful insight into project management.  I remodeled an investment property and went over budget and over time. I found it very difficult to get accurate estimates and finish dates. I realized, while writing a check for more than I expected for things I thought I had already paid for, that this must be what it feels like to own a software company or have an IT department. And I felt so much empathy for all of my previous product owners that tried so hard to bring stability and predictability to my software projects. In the case of my remodel, there were personal issues with workers, a major shortage of certain skilled craftsman, regular low ball estimates, and a smattering of no show rescheduling. How in the world could I have planned on so many failures and delays? I thought I would bring good money to the table and get good work, but money clearly wasn't enough. Some people even worked feverishly and around the clock yet I still felt like the train could not be set back on the rails.

I can watch this everyday and still laugh like the first time!


Maybe it's wishful thinking or getting oversold but I have experienced many situations where process was responsible for more than it should be.

Here are the problems, causes, and solutions to agile inspired software processes as I see them at the time of this writing. *I reserve the right to change my mind!

Last random thought. Don't be religious about it. It's just a series of communication events that can assist your actual discipline in a team environment.


I'm still learning about what makes great software but would give process preference to Kanban at this moment. Even though it's questionably agile, having been around for a lot longer, its process can serve a wider set of practices if Scrum doesn't meet your goals. Another important consideration is that over analyzing the process could be a trap when truly mastering the business and problem domain is what will bring the most rewards.

Skip this entire article and just watch this :)


Problems arise when companies take the project management stuff and do not take the technical stuff

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