SqlMeta Code Generation Tool

Keywords: SQL, C#, Code Generator, Sql Meta Information, T4 Templates
Publish Date: 8/13/2015
Description: A C# Strongly Typed Representation of Sql Schema

Introducing Sql Meta! My latest code generation tool.

Download the VS2013 Project DO NOT FORGET to update the connection string in the manager (line 38ish) and or the tests (MetaRepositoryTests line 12ish) to actually make it work!

Sql Meta Solution Snapshot

Let's see some code!

Sql Schema Diagram

This is the Json results of a SQL Database with an Order and Customer table.

This template loops through the tables and creates a simple C# class representation. This template loops through the tables and creates stored procedures against them. This template literally creates an entire data access layer by reading all expected sprocs and custom sprocs as well. It makes a TON of assumptions so unless your schema is exactly like mine, this would only serve as a starting point for another project.

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