Treadmill Retry

Keywords: C#, retry, .net retry library
Publish Date: 6/11/2016
Description: A dead simple retry library with callbacks for your own retry behavior.

Of course those are lasers shooting from the rodent's eyes!!!

This is just a do while loop with some call backs. Super simple and hopefully covers more retry scenarios than the libraries I checked out.

Source Code on Github

Tests which can serve as examples as well. Jetbrains DotCover results

Test Coverage

Comments (2):

Name: Rob Russell
Comment Date: 5/18/2017
This looks simple and elegant! Curious, what the difference is in 1.0.1 currently in Nuget? I'd like to use this but w/out the additional DLL dependency. Thanks for sharing it!

Name: Allan Chadwick
Comment Date: 5/18/2017
Thanks! 1.0.1 has no changes and only reflect me trying to synchronize with the github repo and release tag at . This library has no dependencies but you can copy and paste the source code and bypass nuget if desired.

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