Xml as a Data Source

Keywords: C#, xml, xml serialization, Razor
Publish Date: 7/3/2014
Description: Use Xml as a Data Source

Congratulations! You may have just clicked on the net's ugliest image tag. I need to make nice with Photoshop or make friends with more graphic designers :)

After showing up to the wrong location for my workout because of incorrect information on my coach's regional website, I gently explained how ridiculously simple it is to maintain accurate information on the internet these days. So for one of the days of my week off between jobs I made a super simple CMS website. Here are the important parts.

Good 'ol XML as my data source using this static manager class. I really could run all my sites on xml data since they are so small, and not multiple instances.

And the definition for CmsItem.

The Controller Code

The View

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